They Can Laugh All They Like

They Can Laugh All They Like

We now have 3 (count ’em three) 20-somethings living in our big happy home. This is their summer residence, sort of.

And of course we have summer school! A full course in Gen-Whatever cultural education is underway. Our younger, tender children will get lots of expanding data entry during these weeks.  (help)

One of these fine men is studying psychology at Multnomah Bible University in Portland and has been traveling the world playing basketball. Two are studying film in Ann Arbor and all three of them like sports, movies and youtube videos that make them laugh really loud. All three of them are, in one way or another, heading into the media/marketing fields. Just like their parents. (!)   It’s no wonder our conversations over movies and entertainment – and yes, even advertising – often fly into the critical evaluation of concept strategy and execution, revealing our individual taste, training and sensitivities.

And our generations.

This video has been playing in our house for days:

and according to Garrett, this company’s low-budget commercial has enjoyed millions of views (entirely on viral video). They haven’t bought a penny in television media, and they’ve sold out of their supply of razor blades.

First, I had to confess that I thought it was a spoof.  I love well done spoofs! But alas, it’s not only real, it’s business.  It’s amazing to me that the guys aren’t just laughing, they LOVE it as great marketing. I guess I have to file that in Cultural Insight.

Of course, I ask the dumb questions that suddenly sound old school.
“Where’s the brief?” (the strategic brief, of course)
“Who’s going to fund the NFL and Rob Dyrdek if no one buys TV advertising any more!?”
“Must they use that language?”

Garrett said Yes, they must. And it’s exactly what appeals to HIS generation – as he points not to the computer but toward the larger screen on the wall, to convey the target’s obsession with screens of any size (I think).

I decided to text him my critique.

Shave Money. Shave Time.

Ok. it’s brilliant.

I’m going back to texting like a parent.  It’s even more fun now, thanks to this book.

Steve and I laugh like crazy over this book. We’re so much more savvy than these two befuddled and bewildered parents!

Then we get caught by our kids reading it and they burst our bubble by saying “that’s just like YOU!”

So not true.

Now we’ve hidden the book and read it together in private.
Laughing till our abs hurt.
While we plan our escape to someone else’s summer residence.

After all, it doesn’t really matter how smart their attitudes get: we’re paying the bills and that makes us THE CLIENT.




  1. Ray Sammons
    May 30, 2012

    THE CLIENT? Really?
    Those that are deceived never know they are deceived!

    • Suzy
      May 30, 2012

      argh! another bubble burst!


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