The World Welcomed Erik! 20 Years Ago.

The World Welcomed Erik!  20 Years Ago.

JUNE 28, 2012

Erik Mendoza was born 20 years ago today.  He was named Erik Mendoza because the rhythm and click of the name resonated in my heart and I liked the sharpness of the K with the Z.  I gave him his middle name to honor my father: Donald.  It’s a good noble name.

His name took on a somewhat funny additional meaning when, on the day he was born, the earth beneath our Southern California home jolted violently with two [historical] distinct separate quakes: one right before he was born and one very shortly after.  (Erik’s name became temporarily associated with it’s own spot on the Richter scale.)

The first powerful quake came when I was in the final stages of labor and the darkness of early morning was gradually being overcome by the dawn.  Tubes and monitors tenuously connected me to the swaying, ricocheting bed and outside my hospital window, I saw the electrical transformers miles away explode with an eerie blue glow. For the 30 seconds between the blue flare and the life-saving emergency generators leaping to life, the power in the hospital shut down and we were in darkness.

Two hours later, moments after Erik arrived safely, another quake from a different fault hit hard. More panic, nowhere to run.
For the rest of the day, while the outside world dealt with unnerving and disruptive aftershocks, I enjoyed my own private world of new-life-joy.

My first-born Erik is now 20 years old: a magnificent man of great quality, enthusiasm and growth.  He is characterized by his joy, his humor and his insightful way of seeing a moment.  He sees quick.  He sees surprising connections and he makes them brilliant with his insight.

He is no longer a teenager in age. He has moved into a new decade of his life; a decade that often brings pivotal decisions and long term shapes for our future.  I pray today that he continues to let the Lord guide his heart; that his mind remain free and vibrant –without restraint or worry. That he pursue his dreams with passion.

Dear Erik,
You are a brilliant light in our world, full of authenticity and Godly strength.
I am honored to be your mom!
Being your mother has taught me to be a better person.
You’ve grown through trials and you’ve sought meaning for your life.
Your greatness runs deeply in your heart.

I love you – I am amazed by you. 

Plus, we absolutely love hanging out with you!

Happy Birthday, Son. We all honor you today!!

With much love and joy,

Mom, Steve, Riley, Jack, Garrett (and Cody)!




  1. Steve Sammons
    Jun 28, 2012

    You are the the best-est of Mom (besides my Mom) on the planet and I’m married to you. Erik is absolutely the most fortunate of men to be blessed with you as his Mother. Today is really both of your birthdays.

    Happy Birthday Erik and his Mother Suzy.

  2. Beeka
    Jun 28, 2012

    Wonderful tribute! It takes some adjustment to have them away on their birthday. I understand and I love you.

  3. Gary
    Jun 28, 2012

    I never realized (or just forgot!) that Eric’s entry into this world was such an earth-moving event! It all make sense now!
    Love y’all…

    • Suzy
      Jul 3, 2012

      So true! Thanks for leaving footprints brother!

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