I tried to focus. Re-focus.  I tried to force open a window of inspirational reflection.  At least finish yesterday’s journal entry left hanging mid-sentence.

These days are filled with unique family demands that crescendo just prior to the screeching, super slo-mo, sideways-slide of summer. Busy, but different. Amidst the planning of camps and no-camps for the small and mid-size ones, the big ones need business connections and strategic truth telling. The West Coast college one is on a plane heading home this minute. And I haven’t been to the grocery store! Seconds before I run screaming, Steve calls and says, “I’ll go.”  (Dangerous but extremely loving and helpful: done.)  Food makes the fellowship richer.

Tomorrow 5am Riley and I head to Mackinac Island with 226 other 8th graders on a big bus where I might get to read and write. Then we careen immediately into Holiday Weekend #1 with lakeshore celebrations, trips north and trips west and still new opportunities for more unplanned excursions to trump the calendar even more. The last remaining open spaces wince as they are squeezed out.

I make one last attempt to pull together a moment of writing – so that I may be sifted and re-filled. I turn to the always-reliable Goins.

Ahhhh. Jeff’s blog today expresses this beautiful pondering of entertainment vs. art.  How I’d love to reflect longer, engage and participate, and ignore the rattling time clock inside my chest.

But alas the window closes; I drag my imagination back into Structure.

I am grateful I got to read Jeff’s beautiful words so that I may escape to that thought throughout this glorious day. Indeed I am blessed beyond measure. More writing time later.




  1. Ray
    May 22, 2012

    I’m looking forward to ‘later’.

  2. Suze
    May 24, 2012

    You go girl, and enjoy each of those precious kids and each moment of summer with them. We have them such a short time and God is using you so powerfully on each one of them! You ROCK as a great mom/step-mom/wife/sister/friend!!!

    • Suzy
      May 25, 2012

      Dear Sue! As long as you’re alongside! Thank you for everything.

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