Four weeks ago she buried her daddy.  A glorifying and Godly-gentle passing of his earthly life into the life we all feebly imagine.  Natural and blessed, he went after a long life of honest, beautiful, unconditional, limitless love.  But it still hurts.  She has always been His Little Girl.  His only littlest Little Girl.  Throughout the heart-pain of saying Good Bye, she carried her own body-pain of the invader cancer.  Brain tumors removed, chemo-ed, fought and battled.  Now a new invader.  A vicious thief of her hand, arm, foot and now voice.  Daddy’s Girl, faces fathoms more journey. And she has this family at her side.

Mary’s symbol through this year of battle has been the transforming butterfly.  Lots of folks like this symbol, but the funny part is, Mary’s always thought of the butterfly as her icon, her metaphor, her email handle.  Yesterday I had a monarch visit me on my porch.

We love you Mary and we’ll be waiting for you to dance and sing together with us again soon.

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