It’s all about the mysterious work of time.

It’s all about the mysterious work of time.

Time works hard.

15 years ago I heard the expression “all in God’s time,” and as a confirmed control freak, I was quite intrigued with this mystery. I was painstakingly seeking the truth of God, flip-flopping around the structures of religion and new age fads, so the notion of “God’s timing” as something beyond my control was new. I remember the concept striking an un-played chord of … relief. He’s bigger. He is real. But, alas, in those days, I continued to fuel my comfort with the belief that I was running the show.

Today, after many textured and refining seasons, I am certain beyond doubt that it’s all about time.  And each season is ours to grasp and secure as a stepping-stone – no, a walking stick – to take with us into the next. (I might prefer a magic wand but in many ways, I mean the same thing.)

Can you look at your life and see both how naïve you were, and how perfectly each step prepared you for the next? That’s the work of time. Now, when I’m in the middle of a transition or a trial, I can coach myself quite effectively that this moment has a critical purpose for my future. Or my children’s future. And I can use the time for it’s true purpose: to watch and learn, and remember to use that walking stick that’s packed with experience and knowledge.

We’ve traveled through paths of pain and exploration that shattered us and led to healing and growth. Jobs have been painfully lost, and wonderful new seasons of joy have sprung up only because we were open to a crazy strange idea. Because time had passed and our heart-thoughts turned softer and more upward.  Children have stormed away angry and then returned with new eyes and deep gratitude, only because time brought distance and pushed open doors that were barricaded with bitterness.  In one case it took a decade. Nearly ten years of waiting before we could hug and hold and apologize and promise. And weep together with new understanding.

Time does surely heal, but time also teaches.  Time lets in more voices and shows us hidden beauty.  Time reveals what is not true. Bitterness and anger are weak against the innate longing of a child for his parent – or a parent’s longing for a child to return.  But we know that when we wait, let go, and hold tightly to God’s promises, time works. Every time.

We celebrate today and pray that we are seeing all that we are meant to learn during this time.

“For a thousand years in your sight are but as yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night.” Psalm 90:4 ESV



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