Heartwarming, Humbling and Hilarious

Heartwarming, Humbling and Hilarious

Our little guy Jack isn’t shy.
At 6-years-old, he is typically outgoing and quick to leap into the game.
Any game.  (this maybe a problem during the teenage years…. Stand by)

So there we were:

St. Columban’s Catholic church, attending Christmas Eve mass to honor Mom.
Far from home.

Jack’s also pretty comfortable in different flavors of churches and when someone says: “I need the kids up front,” he leaps to participate.  Moreover, only two weeks ago he was part of the chorus in our home church’s Christmas pageant.  He knows the gig.

So when the music director at St. Columban’s announced, “I need the kids up front.”  Jack leapt.   It’s what he does.

Now perhaps other parents, as out-of-town church visitors, might have been more cautious. But we said “GO!” thinking there was about to be a kids’ sermon, a close-up baby-Jesus-thing or something universally neato for children.

On his crawl over the knees in the pew, Jack quickly noticed that the other kids had a small and worn piece of white paper; he turned back and urgently asked us for “The Paper!”  We happily handed him the service’s small white program, though I was now processing that something was amiss.

Something was unique about this small group of well-dressed kids now gathering in formation up front.  They had a song to sing.  A particular, rehearsed song with microphones and harmonies.

The rest of us that were crammed into the crowded pew were simultaneously laughing and worried.  Jack was now standing stage left with a group of ten little singers who’d spent probably 2 weeks practicing a Christmas carol.  I can’t even remember which song because the entire time I was laser-focused on keeping my eyes on Jack, reassuring him that he was ok.

But we couldn’t keep our shoulders from bouncing behind our hidden laughter over our mistake; what the other parents must have been thinking!  Who’s the new kid in the jeans?

The whole thing could have been a disaster … for more people than Jack.  But because of his confidence and strength, he held his poise, probably thinking that he was somehow in the right place, but just didn’t know the song.  (He’ll never know otherwise.)

He smiled at us, shrugged, tried to catch on to the melody.  And at the end of the [praise God] one and only song, Jack returned to the safety of our jam-packed pew.

Jack might have run away crying; he might have disrupted the performance by laughing or making faces with his older siblings.  Imagine the viral video that might have happened!

But he rolled with it… comfortably, knowing that he’s a welcome member of a team.

He already believes that what he knows is solid, and what he doesn’t know he can learn.

Isn’t that the best??




  1. Joii C.
    Dec 28, 2011

    My kinda guy! I love the confidence. May God use it for His glory!

  2. Patrice
    Dec 28, 2011

    That’s so cool, Suzy. Great story. What a great kid!

    • Suzy
      Dec 29, 2011

      Hi Patrice!! He’s a riot. Come see him! (Happy New Year!)

  3. Marla
    Dec 29, 2011

    Happy holidays! Love that your blog is connected to your twitter. Have some catching up to do…
    Hope to see you on the 13th

  4. Karen
    Jan 12, 2012

    The picture so accurately conveys the story you told! Jack, in all his glory, standing as the new guy in the midst of the well rehearsed group without a clue – precious!!

    • Suzy
      Jan 12, 2012

      Karen! He would have sung if he’d had the right song sheet!!
      Love to you and Ed

      • Karen
        Jan 12, 2012

        OK…so you asked me to read and comment on your blog. Honestly? It’s as though I am in the middle of a great book and I can’t put it down. Your stories are captivating and transparent, and I have learned so much about you and your family. My thoughts??? You, my friend, need to write a book ! The Lord has indeed blessed you with a great gift! Thanks for sharing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey!

  5. Charlene
    Apr 3, 2012

    another great article. So glad I found.. smiles. Thank you so so very much!

    • administrator
      Apr 3, 2012

      Hi Charlene,
      Jack always provides great humor content! Stay Tuned!

  6. Sue
    Apr 30, 2012

    Laughin’ and Lovin’ you, Jack and the whole fam, Suzy! Your blog is a treat in the midst of the day!! xo

    • Suzy
      Apr 30, 2012

      Thanks Sue!
      You’re too much. we love you!
      so glad you came and commented…

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