Don’t Miss The Miracle

Don’t Miss The Miracle

If you miss the impossible power of the miracle, you won’t see God.

Yes, that’s it. This is where I must stay today.

I’m now beginning the wonderful new book by our wise pastor Jim Samra.
God Told Me is new jam-packed teaching on listening for guidance from God.
“He is a better guide for our life than we are.”

I know: lots of folks don’t want to give quite that much power to God.

They wince when they hear that God controls all things because it feels like humans are insignificant or puppet-like.  We’d rather be The Power. It’s much more comfortable to assume control. We’d rather hold fast to the idea that we are all little gods in control of the energy around us and cling to karmic truth alone and live in harmony with nature.

Right. Partly true.  God created nature; we are nature. So I’m all about living in harmony and protecting our God-given earth, since He created us to be its guardian.

But I have learned, and it wasn’t easy, I am not The Power.
(Are you shocked too?!)

I do, however, have the power of God available to me in my heart. He has offered His power to me, for supernatural strength and wisdom and unimaginable joy. He has given me particular gifts to use for His purpose in a great earthly scheme; just like He gave creation perfect unity and cohesion as all creatures play their part.

I have gifts of love, laughter; leadership, perspective and creativity that are unique to me that I must use to be in harmony with my God-given life.

Alas, just as creation groans, I groan in my own struggles: wanting things my way, filling my sight with things that worry me or situations that aren’t as I want them.  I have interior obstacles to harmony.  I have my own desires that are often out of sync with what God calls me to want. Weird but true. I am, as Pastor Samra cites, Predictably Irrational.  Also shocking.

I want to want Him, and yet I still want security in things that I can see and comfort from people I can touch.When it is my own limited vision that will actually restrict my experience of joy.

To him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…

The truth is God wants me to have security more than I can imagine.  He wants to give me more pleasure than I can fathom. So as I face uncertainty and discomfort or frustration, if I could only allow the miracle that I cannot yet see. Pray through it. Seek His guidance. Surrender and keep walking in faith.

Scandalous faith
that Proves the Paradox
of having the Strength to use our Free Will 
to Surrender 
and keep moving forward with Persistence
in the greater confidence of God’s guidance.

Pastor Samra: “God Knows what we cannot.”

Pray Watch Learn Trust, and let the rest of the story play out.

Then I know I’ll see the miracle.

If I miss the power of the miracle, I won’t see the power of God.
If I don’t see the power of God, I’ll miss the miracle altogether.



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