With all this, can we possibly think big enough?

With all this, can we possibly think big enough?

As I drifted off to sleep last night, my mind was spinning with the truth that we are charging ahead in a new year filled with new pathways and excitement …and we must choose.

Every day, as always, we have to make choices about how to spend every minute when so many needs call for our attention.

As we launch and grow consulting business, and have exciting conversations with companies about truly invigorating positions in exciting cities and we weigh our priorities.

We realize we are living a season of vibrating thresholds. I wrote about it in May … maybe it’s a continuing season or a new phase. Every day we are together and we acknowledge that this time is ponderable. The gift of a season to invent and explore. Who better to do it? we marvel.

Our opportunities are all good – but we link our priorities to seek Great.

As I drifted off to sleep last night and continued to let my thoughts soften, I was filled with wonder that we have this love.
A marriage that elevates everything. Imperfect and working; shockingly powerful. Faith building on faith.

How on earth did we deserve to be given a chance to live this amazing experience of deep genuine love and intertwined hearts and minds?

Our needs are fairly simple: To be held in great love.

And to give that experience of great love to our children to know in their bones. (Yes, children from divorce can learn Great Love.)

All of life’s lessons start there; so they can trust the world enough to leap into the pursuit of their dreams with unabashed joy and confidence.  Their life is a story they co-author with energy from the original unconditional love imbedded in their bones.

From which everything is possible.

The question is: in this new year, with all of this love, can we possibly think big enough?






  1. Miriam
    Jan 10, 2013

    This was like a Fresh Wind blowing through me just now. So powerful. Oh, I needed this today–another example of God’s perfect timing in my life. Thanks, Suzy.

    • Suzy
      Jan 10, 2013

      How much you’ve been on my mind too! I have clung to your words and your last post made me weep! (https://holywonder.wordpress.com/). My family looked at me in astonishment during a fun movie night to see me weeping. We’ll connect soon in person:)

      • Miriam
        Jan 10, 2013

        Aww, thanks. Glad it’s not just me weeping! 🙂 It’s funny how my most tearful moments have led to some of my most memorable laughs. Keep looking up!

      • Suzy
        Jan 10, 2013


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