Which article surprises you more?

Which article surprises you more?

Today’s news connection: The Huffington Post reports on what men say about their ex-wives.  This oughta be good.  Click.

The statements are contradictory and, on the surface a bit whiny.  But when you stop to consider the deeper meaning, (which might be risky) the potential truth huddled beneath the whining is quite important.

And the reality is magnified.  The statements are true…. each one. How much do we honor their needs without worrying about our own being neglected?  Hmmmmm. It seems that we still have lots to learn about the inexpressible fulfillment of sacrificial marital love; that it returns manifold, mountaintop joy.

I know: it’s so not ingrained in our world.  We struggle with equality, feminism and some misguided belief that couples have a limited storehouse of strength, desirability  and authority from which we must protect our share.  When in truth, giving from a heart that understands the truth of God’s abundant love is far richer. Success is redefined and our whole life is elevated.

For sure, the flip side of this loose journalism would be just as revealing, but if we really want to figure out how to have healthier, more lasting relationships, this is an interesting place to start.

In the same paper, another apparently newsworthy item:  The authentic and talented Carrie Underwood says I’d Quit’ If My Husband Told Me To.  Of course she would.  I didn’t find her consistently faithful response quite as startling as some of the more materialistic and self-absorbed folks who wrote in to comment.

If we’re living solely for this life, perspective gets tight, short-sighted and anxious.

Me thinks these two articles (and their comments) are related.

It’s all connected.







  1. David R.
    Apr 7, 2013

    Although my wife was the instigator of our divorce, I will always feel pain for knowing that my flaws were real.

    • Suzy
      Apr 9, 2013

      i know it only too well. We learn and grow and we’re grateful for redemption.
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you stopped by.

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