What might we see if we stop to look outward?

What might we see if we stop to look outward?

Not by accident and not by coincidence, our family encountered an extraordinary person this week. He is someone who dedicates a part of his life to living without a plan at all.  But rather he joyfully steps out and intentionally responds to the opportunities God places before him to help others.  On a given day, he grabs some cash and a snow shovel, or maybe a set of jumper cables, or a grocery bag full of food, and he hits the streets.

Then he asks God to show him who needs his help today. He is literally hunting, eyes and heart wide open, for a chance to help another person. A unique and particular connection only God can make — no filters, no expectations. He’s a channel.

Not by accident or coincidence, pastor-rockstar Dr. Jim Samra taught us this week about an historical moment in King David’s life when he sought out any remaining descendant of his [deceased] best friend to share blessings. Sort of a pay-it-forward idea with no agenda but to share extravagant generosity. The king found a crippled man, a son, who didn’t think he deserved much more than he had, who suddenly found himself sitting amidst riches and honor (both important).

Recurring theme or sledgehammer? You decide.

When we live like this, it might be a smile that changes someone’s day, and it might be our own child who needs an extra hug or a bowl of soup.  But it also might be someone we’ve not yet met, whose life will be changed by our willingness to respond.

Sometimes it’s hard to see our selves as “blessed.”  We feel like we’re going through a tough time, or we figure our neighbors are better off and they probably don’t have annoying relatives.  Or we’re just too busy. But in truth, we each have chances right now to be a blessing to another. Maybe we are already aware of a particular opportunity to bless someone. Or perhaps we need to make ourselves available to discover one. For safety’s sake, I’m counting this as a sledgehammer upside my own head. Awake o sleeper 🙂 Look outward.

May you realize such blessing today that you overflow ….




  1. Sue Berk
    Mar 13, 2013

    Great, Suzy! It’s always good to be reminded…and reminded…and reminded….!!

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