The battle wages on and you’re still the prize.

The battle wages on and you’re still the prize.

Don’t Look Up!
More than one war is waging above your head today.

Yes, I am intrigued by the fierce battle between good and evil waging in the heavens for our hearts and souls. But God only knows who will win that one today. (wink) Right now I’m referring to the battle in Washington over controlling our digital screens.

Our Good Congress is flexing muscles and rattling swords against the digital ad industry’s alleged slow-walk toward Do Not Track technologies and practices. This means that you-consumer can’t be followed around the web and served ads that someone paid extra to be able to serve you because they bought you a cookie. Unless you agreed to let them buy you a cookie.

Here’s the truth as a high-integrity surfer and mom: we are willing to take responsibility for our own clicking. I know that the phony Facebook comments about earning thousands of dollars a day are merely idiotic lures, and I will not click. I also know that ads on my apps keep them free.

Here’s the truth as a marketer: if it’s an authentic product and brand, adding value to our life, we will happily engage and share.

So thank you, Congress, for standing guard at the gate, and we will be grateful for less unwanted stalking when y’all figure it out. But in the meantime, we’re not afraid because we understand how businesses are clamoring for our attention and there are many industries focused on my clicking.  I challenge the brands themselves: be authentic, and you don’t need to worry about us turning you ‘off.’ It’s the natural order of free enterprise economics. The lines are fully blurred between advertisers pushing and consumers pulling valuable and fun content. And we’re okay with the money you spend to get our attention. We will reward you with our business if your offering is valuable to us. (And by “us” I do mean “me-and-all-my-individual-needs.”)

Right now I’m being cyber-followed by two retailers who have so poorly delivered on my expectations as a consumer, that the mere presence of their ads on my screens makes me despise them even more. So you see, I’m not afraid of the ads controlling me – they all get what they deserve. We all get to choose.

Happy clicking today, dear friends! May your travels be invigorated by awareness of the battle for your attention and your power to choose between good and evil.

First, here’s a clever and helpful video about cookies, lest you intend to head to the bakery.


Then read this.

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  1. Terri
    Apr 25, 2013

    From one who knows very little about these things, this is very helpful, thank you.

    • Suzy
      Apr 25, 2013

      Hi Terri,
      You are so welcome! I’m glad you visited.


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