Miracle Spotting

Miracle Spotting

Exactly as we need.
When we need it.
No more, no less.
Not always what we want, but just what we need.
Not always when we can see or understand it.
But the longer we live in this light, the more we can see it more clearly.
Or at least know it’s there somewhere! 

Seeing the miracle in the fleeting moment, or in the painful trials, helps us rest in comfort on the inside.  Even if there’s anxiety careening around the nerve endings or worry in our brain, if we really make the effort, we can calm our heart with a little exercise in Miracle Spotting.

Look for it. Sometimes when we spot one, we suddenly realize there have been a few.  And then…look! … a long string.

It might be in the course of a day or over a decade.
One builds to the other.

I know that miracles are all around us in creation; science always discovers creation miracles!

But they also happen all around us in our life every day.

A surprise bonus arrived exactly in the amount of the new roof to replace the old roof that wouldn’t last another winter.  The bonus came in the midst of knowing that we were likely to be laid off any minute. I wanted to squirrel it away in a secret untouchable place to savor that long-lost feeling of having an emergency fund. Because I knew there would be a financial winter coming (clunky metaphor alert!) and not much acorn storage.

He knew that more would come and this was for now.
Don’t miss the miracle by letting fear or human-sightedness invade the moment.

Strong relationships go through periods of trial where we could sit and suffer in anxiety or insecurity. But right over there are new relationships waving joyfully or older hearts that could use some renewed focused and love-tending.

There is purpose in this day.

Phone calls come with invitations just as we’re in need of a place to hang out.

Say yes. Listen to the voice in your heart and trust that it is good

It just might be a miracle.



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