Is it possible to see through dark?

Is it possible to see through dark?

In this war

Our enemy likes to keeps us off kilter. Spinning our heads.

Tossing in grenades of worry.  Obstacles meant to keep us from moving forward with purpose.

Yet the greatest warrior king of all time beckons us to trust.

Shedding fear and doubt.

Shouting strength and giving glory to God.
The one who is our armor

For all He can do.

All things are possible.


Sometimes it doesn’t seem to be so.
Some days it seems like the dark clouds are covering all the light.

How do we keep going when we can’t see?

He can see. He is stronger.

When nothing makes sense.

 Today may you trust more than you can see.
And may you be light for another to see in the dark.




  1. Richard Barnett
    Dec 17, 2012

    Very apt and timely, thank you.

    • Suzy
      Dec 17, 2012

      Thanks Richard…
      I’m glad you stopped by.
      We can only pray.

  2. Miriam
    Dec 17, 2012

    The Words says we walk by faith not by sight, don’t we? Yes, it is indeed possible. I’m so glad we can trust God, even when we don’t understand anything else. He is faithful. Thanks for this wonderful encouragement. I needed it!

    • Suzy
      Dec 17, 2012

      I am praying for your son’s big day.. thanks so much for visiting.

  3. Karen Trigg
    Dec 19, 2012

    Thank you Suzie.i needed to hear this today.

    • Suzy
      Dec 19, 2012

      Glad you stopped by Karen,
      It’s been a rough time.

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