Integrating Faith With Life. Simple…?

Integrating Faith With Life. Simple…?

Be in the world
Not of the world.
But for heaven’s sake, be in the world.

Let’s see.  Politicians debate the role of their religion and their faith as it relates to their roles as governmental leaders.  Bloggers pontificate (eloquently of course) about the hypocrisy of Christians celebrating Halloween and Santa.  Most folks are okay with Thanksgiving being a kind-hearted secular holiday even though the implication (and historic origin) is that we are carrying on a tradition of giving thanks to God after a bountiful harvest season.

Whether you and the people around you believe Halloween and/or Thanksgiving were started by pagans or Christians to open doors to the dead (or undead?) and giving thanks to God or Mother Nature, we are all hopefully wise enough to know the basics.

1. The Commercial Engine for all of our holiday traditions is the largest source of mind and house clutter in our culture.

ergo, (love that word)

2. Living out our own heart’s beliefs and convictions is a big fat challenge for each one of us.

All through the four Gospels of Jesus Christ, His scandalous behavior added up to one consistent truth: It’s what’s in our heart that counts.  He knows what’s in our heart.

(Shocking but true.)

God isn’t fooled by excuses and He’s not afraid of Walmart.

When we’ve completely surrendered to a loving and living God, and experience that overwhelming grace, we can more deliberately strive to find ways to contribute more love to this hurting world. Without losing our truth.

Think of it as living Heart-Out and not Culture-In.  Strategically.

We can gather with friends and family and celebrate traditions and be unabashed about our own joy as children of God. And make daily checks of our own heart’s truth and whether it’s visible from the outside.
(hint: God is love)

 Welcome to the holiday season of 2012!

A call to realize this season’s particular paradox of a need for greater unity and greater conviction. Egad.

May I be the first to wish you the joy of a newborn King. Merry Christmas!




  1. Richard Brashear
    Nov 3, 2012

    Enjoyed, agreed, and retweeted this one! Blessings.

    • Suzy
      Nov 3, 2012

      Thank you Richard! I appreciate you letting me know you stopped by. Thanks for the retweet.

  2. Beeka
    Nov 8, 2012

    Here! Here! Great take on it.

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