How Fashionable Are Your Scales?

How Fashionable Are Your Scales?

We all have ‘em. We have lots of them and they are blocking our view.

They block a clear view of our parents, our business situations, our finances, our children, our miraculous spouses and ourselves.

We have scales on our eyes. Important aspects of understanding and knowledge; grace and compassion, even intelligence. All distorted because we have scales.

Some people have scales large enough to block other people’s view, too.
(Those are the scariest.) Saul’s scales must have cracked the pavement.

Some of the scales I had on my 30 year old eyes were so solidly fixed that they made their own room with lounge chairs and recliners. I made fashionable window dressings for them.  They looked great!  And I was so right… about everything.

Now, daily, I practically laugh out loud at the new scales that fall from my eyes.  I imagine Jesus chuckling with Gabriel, “Watch this, she’ll soften about this thing over here even more.”  Then they high-five and exchange wagers as they move onto the next delightful awakening.

It gets dicey if we spend more time on other people’s scales. We would hardly ever agree on the particular make-up of one another’s obstacles.  We’d get all caught up in the style and comparing swagger  and all of a sudden we’d have fashionably dressed scales and no clearer line of sight.

I think scales are just a basic part of being Not-God.  And we’ll have them always.

Thankfully we get to choose to ask Him to help us move them off the viewfinder.
Preferably in the morning, before our feet hit the floor.

… so that you may see




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  1. Beeka
    Apr 14, 2012

    Oh, very “examining”. And very good.

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