An Utmost Friday, before beginning June.

An Utmost Friday, before beginning June.

There is such intellectual richness in each thought from My Utmost that I usually need to step slowly through the deep water. (That’s probably why I have to work up the nerve to open the book and it only happens in sporadic spurts.)  I give you these two excerpted lines from today’s teaching:

            We have to see first of all that God’s needs in us personally are being met.

            When God’s needs in us have been met, then He will open the way for us to realize His needs elsewhere.


Two short statements. If we take them apart, and one-by-one decide that they are right; that we indeed have all we need with God,

….and that realization is indeed what He needs in us. (Yikes!)

Stop there for a time, and discover His immeasurable strength is right within us.

Then put the thoughts back together and look with new eyes to “elsewhere.” Hmmmm.

How could we use this immeasurable strength today?





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