About Me

Suzy Sammons has served in leadership roles at the world’s best-known advertising agencies in the country’s top markets.  Her passion for creative disruption and authentic communication has lead her into high levels of agency-client management, team leadership and genuine trust from all sides of the table.  Her work for top global brands took her to Southern California in the ‘80s and 90’s and back to Chicago for the last dozen years.  She and her family now reside in the  beauty of West Michigan, while her work takes her to ever-new conversations with clients about how to connect with a genuine and unique voice. [ SFX: scratching sound of an old record needle on vinyl.] She and her family are in the process of moving BACK to Southern California to embrace and embark on yet another new adventure….


So …  I’ve got a great story to tell (a few actually).  I’m pursuing my dream to write and share life’s most important and fun learning.  I’m passionate about God’s call for our marriages and the spiraling impact they have on our success as a culture. Scandalous, I know, given my past.

“It’s all connected” is my expression of the belief that our experiences wind through myriad people, places and opportunities of all kinds and we can live a high caliber, faith-integrated life.  And have fun doing it!  The blog is evolving, so thanks for tolerating the ebb and flow.

Marketing is my specialty; I have spent lots of years creating it. It isn’t frightening or dangerous; in fact when done well, it’s fabulously creative. And we can engage with and enjoy it for all it’s worth. Literally.

Thank you for visiting – please leave your comments as you are inspired or provoked!


….and this is what life’s really all about..