A really bad blogger.

A really bad blogger.

Wow I have been a really bad blogger lately.

Maybe that means I ‘m not really a blogger at all, because one cannot truly be called a blogger if one does not do the blog-things consistent with those bloggers who define good blogging.  So now I have also proved that using the word blog in as many forms as possible in one sentence, still doesn’t make you a blogger.

I have, however, on occasion written about the journey of this life, as individual and common as yours, through many varied seasons of growth as wife, mom, marketer and grown-up-girl.

So as I navigate a new season of an invigorated business life, taking me on traveling and brainstorming adventures, the focus I had attempted to create on my blog seems to have gone up like dandelion dust, even though the daily devotion to a vibrant marriage and trustworthy parenting remain the center of my real life. Simply the time I would have spent caring and feeding a blog with the reflections on those devotions has been overcome by the fabulous gift of a professional assignment.

In our seeking to be deliberate and strong in our submission, we must therefore respond to the opportunities placed before us with the vigor of our best work, trusting the very desire in our hearts to be obedient to a powerful God with a great plan. Which, my friends, is why I have been a very bad blogger.

Our family’s journey of new career paths has been a series of long explorations through myriad opportunities to work, move, invest, and yes, submit. And in walking through each exploration, our marriage is the pillar that leads every conversation. It is the “us” that leads our family.  With each possibility, we know we can do anything, go anywhere and accomplish everything set before us with the unshakable foundation of our marriage and unified commitment to it and God.

The fact that I’m in a nice hotel nestled on the beach in Southern California, all by myself, while my brave and brilliant husband today prepares to drive three kids to Florida, is absolute proof that I’m willing to endure any hardship for the family.

[pause for laugh track]

We’re wise enough to know that [thankfully] life has alternating seasons of opportunities. We’re in love enough to know the joy of that rhythm is the very proof of a life open to embracing each one … as a couple. It isn’t always easy, is it? I am grateful beyond measure for my husband who is brilliant enough to juggle his own important work amidst the demands of the home during this time, and his bravery in loading up the truck and heading south with the gang.   And I know that the kids are grateful that he’s also a highly technical digital genius, and their trip will be fully connected and spoiled-rotten comfortable.  Pray for him, please.

And I’ll try to be a better blogger.






  1. Miriam
    Mar 27, 2013

    Way to keep it real, girl. I’m praying…

  2. David R.
    Mar 28, 2013

    No, you are not a “bad blogger”. It’s not judged by quantity, but by quality.

    • Suzy
      Apr 9, 2013

      Thanks David!
      I’m trying to get back on track:)

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