Again? We Still Struggle? Of course we do.

Again?  We Still Struggle? Of course we do.

Is your happiness every day dependent on the actions reactions, expectations or desires of other people?

… at all?

Quit it!




Here’s a PEP TALK for Monday:

  1. Choose to Be Grateful.  Offer gratitude for the basics that we all have and sometimes forget, but also offer gratitude for the tough things that make us stronger.  This is one of those practices that actually has an immediate impact.  Try it.  You don’t have to forward it to ten friends.  Just sit, stand, kneel, lie in the grass, or get into your favorite yoga pose.  Then genuinely thank God in Heaven for at least ten things.  Not five: ten.  Get all the way past “sunshine and food in the pantry and a roof over our heads” to “the challenges of painful relationships” and “difficulties with my finances” and “being sick enough to stay in bed today.”  And He’ll lift you up.  There  is  always  a  purpose.
  2. Get Out of your own head for a few minutes. There might be something outside that you care about that you’re not pursuing.
  3. Empty Your Self and ask God’s Holy Spirit to direct your path today.  Try this for a few minutes each day to get started.  The trick is to wait, listen and then obey.  It’s fun.  This is hard, I know.
  4. Let Joy Come.  When you let go, it will. We can each choose to let go of the occupations that absorb our time (even for a minute) and seek the vocation that will simultaneously Glorify God and bring us deep joy as his children.
  5. Contribute to something new to your marriage today.  I know we do so much, but try to think of something new to contribute that will feed both you and your spouse.
  6. Repeat Daily and Celebrate the Triumphs.

I didn’t say it was easy.

But I do say it’s worth it:)

well?  GO!





  1. Beth hogan
    Oct 18, 2011

    Ok….. I’m hooked! 🙂

    • Suzy
      Oct 18, 2011

      thanks Beth ! that means a lot to me.

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